I Scratch My Head

There are times when everything seems to make sense. Then, there are times when I wonder if there is any sense at all left in the world. The latter is what I’m referring to as I sat down to write this post. Has the world become so busy that we ignore the obvious or have we become so callous that the obvious seems too good to be true?

Today I am trying to get a handle on the reason why every member of MCN has not checked out our fuel savings plan. I go to the store; people complain about gas prices. I read the news; businesses bemoan the cost of fuel. Yet, Carroll Fuel Network offers MCN members a program to save money on gas and diesel and, if it were warm enough outside, all I would hear is cricket’s chirping. What the . . .?

Let the Powerball jackpot hit a couple hundred million and people stand in line to fork over a handful of money for a 1 in 292,201,338 chance of winning. Put a piece of paper in front of the same people showing them they will save money at the pump, and they run like I was coughing uncontrollably while holding a positive covid test.

So here it is. Plain and simple. Carroll Fuel Network has a plan for fueling your company. They have a special plan for MCN members. And here is what Carroll has to say, as written on their website. “By using our app and purchasing fuel wholesale, our customers are saving hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month. In fact, here’s our guarantee: If you don’t believe that Carroll Independent Fuel can meet your needs and help you to save money, we will help you find another fuel supplier who can. That’s how much your business means to us. We have 3,000+ customers throughout the region who will tell you so.”

Is the “there are no Carroll stations near me” line going to be your argument? It’s not just stations that display the Carroll logo you can visit. There are High’s stations (Carroll Independent Fuel Company acquired High’s In 2012) as well as Sunoco and Marathon stations already participating. Every month more locations are fitted with the necessary equipment and added to the program. Plus, do you only drive in a circle between your office and your house; or do you travel all over Maryland?

Just how good is Carroll? They have been in the commercial fuel business for more than one hundred years. And last fall Carroll was awarded a five-year contract with Maryland Department of General Services that will cover the Maryland Department of General Services’ (General Services) entire Statewide Fuel Dispensing System and related services, as well as the Statewide supply and distribution of various fuel products including motor fuels, lubricants, heating oil and related products. Providing an estimated annual savings to the state of $2.5M, the new contract will produce a per gallon savings to the state for consigned gasoline and diesel an average of $0.25 below the average fuel prices posted by AAA.*

Together with MCN, Carroll wants to help the construction industry save money at the pump and in your yard. It costs you NOTHING. If you use it, you will save. If you don’t, it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Better yet, there are no credit cards involved. Users access the system via their smartphone or kiosks (if they don’t have a phone) at their participating stores. You can grant access to your employees almost instantaneously, and revoke privileges just as fast. You no longer need cancel lost or stolen cards. Even better, no more trying to get your card back if an employee quits or is terminated. You simply go to your computer and “click,” it’s done.

Need reporting? The program has all the reports you want. What about paying? This plan is not like some other programs that debit your account the second the nozzle goes back in the pump. There is a simple once a month payment.

So, are you going to check out this program, or am I going to scratch the remainder of my hair from my head?


* –  October 6, 2021, DGS Newsroom – Maryland Department of General Services Secures a New Statewide Fuel Contract with Baltimore-Based Carroll Fuels


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